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Department of Laboratory at Al Jedaani Hospital, Jeddah is a hospital –based facility that makes any critical medical information immediately accessible . Advance technologies and a team of pathologist, specialist & technician play an essential role in the patient’s care process. Patient will be welcomed whether they have a schedule appointment for lab services or as walk-ins.Highly trained lab technician handle the blood test swiftly ,and patient will be notified of the result usually within 24 hours. The lab provides numerous & comprehensive medical test under the catagories of Serology, Bio-chemistry, Hematology , Blood gasses , Coagulation , Histopathology, Hba1c , Microbiology , Urine analysis , semen analysis , Urea breath testing, And Blood bank services, Clinical pathology etc

Diagnostic services are designed to provide physician, their patient’s with the most accurate and diagnostically meaningful results.Lab also provide access to all the specialized test for all our patient’s through a professional arrangement with reference Laboratories.Lab believes in team work , encourage open communication and meaningful cooperation among colleagues.The data acquired from laboratory testing plays a crucial role in the detection ,diagnosis , and treatment of diseases. Thus the laboratory services support Hospital administration and medical staff in achieving and maintaining excellence in Hospital services

Services/facilities Treated
  • Phlebotomy services
  • Clinical Bio-Chemistry Testing Services
  • Serology Testing Services
  • Immunology Testing Services
  • Hematology Testing Services
  • Microbiology Diagnosis Testing Services
  • Point of Care Testing Services
  • Fully Automated glycosylated Testing Services
  • Fully Automated Semen Testing Services
  • Clinical Pathology ( urine & stool ) Testing Services
  • Coagulation Testing Services
  • Blood Bank Testing and Transfusion Services
Coronary Care Unit (CCU)

Well-equipped coronary care unit (CCU) including 6 beds and isolation room with full monitoring, mechanical ventilators, portable Echocardiography, portable ultrasound machine, portable X-ray and the machine for instant assessment of blood gasses and electrolytes.

Cardiac catheterization units for coronary intervention and peripheral arterial interventions. The department has a twenty four hours covering with well experienced nurses and technicians as well as cardiology specialists with a good experience in management of all critical cases under the supervision of experienced consultants.

Laboratory Doctors